What is Equine Wisdom and Coaching?

Equine Wisdom and Coaching offers life coaching in partnership with horses and their wisdom. Much of the work our clients choose to focus on includes moving forward in some aspect of life, inviting change and discovery and/or taking steps toward achieving goals. Horses provide support and guidance, and allow us to see our truth without judgement, Sessions offer our clients a safe place to discover the authentic self and  to move forward  toward their goals or next step of their  journey.Our facilitators have earned Approved Facilitator status from The Academy of Coaching With Horses.

Why do you partner with horses?

We partner with horses to draw on their wisdom, and apply the way of the horse to the human experience.  Principles may include presence, authenticity, power, boundary setting, leadership, “herd" dynamics and more.

Do I need to have horse experience?

 Horse experience is not necessary.  

Will I be riding the horses?

 All sessions with horses are experienced on the ground.

Who might benefit from Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching?

Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching is for anyone who is seeking to make a change in their life.  This may mean letting  go, inviting in more of something that is desired, or exploring what is possible.  

Is this equine or horse therapy?

We do not provide therapy services.  Rather, our facilitators and coaches partner with horses in order to help our  clients take steps forward toward their goals.